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Caldara - Vivaldi : Magnificat !



Like his contemporary Vivaldi (1678-1741), Antonio Caldara (1670-1736) was born in Venice and died in Vienna. Both of them are considered as two of the most prolific composers of their time for vocal music; writing operas, profane cantatas, oratorios, and many religious masterpieces.

Caldara traveled widely: Rome, Madrid… In 1717, he was appointed second Kapellmeister by Emperor Charles VI in Vienna, where he remained until his death in December 1736. His religious compositions provide a wonderful synthesis of the different styles of his time: contrapuntal a cappella writing, Viennese traditional polychoral music (in the remarkable Crucifixus for 16 voices), contrasts between graceful melodies for soloists and powerful choruses (Missa dolorosa). All these qualities helped Caldara earn a timeless recognition: Haydn and Beethoven were great admirers of his work.

In this programme, Les éléments and Concerto Soave perform some of the most beautiful sacred pieces by Caldara in comparison to some Vivaldi music where the “Red Priest” introduced his inimitable concertante style.


Concerto Soave - Jean-Marc Aymes | 5 musicians
Choeur de chambre les éléments | 16 singers
Direction Joël Suhubiette



First part

Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741) : 
Magnificat (RV.611) / choeur, cordes et basse continue
Concerto pour 2 violons et violoncelle (RV. 514, extrait de l’Estro Armonico)

Antonio Caldara (1670-1736) : 
Crucifixus /  16 voix solistes et basse continue
Maddalena ai piedi di Cristo (extraits) : Sinfonia,  Per il mar del pianto mio (Peccavi super numerum - pour trio d'hommes et basse continue), In lagrime stemprato

Second part

Antonio Vivaldi
Sinfonia al Santo Sepolcro (RV. 169)

Antonio Caldara
Missa Dolorosa / pour soli, choeur, cordes et basse continue


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