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Beyond the summits

Polyphonies en pays pyrénéens

A 2020 creation


A frontier, a refuge and a passageway, the Pyrenees mountains separate the Iberian Peninsula from the rest of Europe. Around it, folk, cultures, traditions and languages live alongside, mingle, influence or confront one another and fraternize.

Les Elements have singled out several jewels from the polyphonic heritage of Occitanie, Catalunya, Aragon or the Basque Country, and will perform new contemporary pieces to celebrate the beauty and mysteries of the Pyrenees.


The pyreneist’s ideal is to simultaneously be able to climb, write and feel. (…) If, a rare occurrence, he climbs, writes and feels, if in a word he is the painter of a most special nature, painter of the mountains, he leaves behind a true, admirable book.”

Henri BERALDI (1849-1939), art historian – “Cent ans aux Pyrénées” (A hundred years in the Pyrenees)


Les Elements Chamber Choir – 18 a capella singers – conducting Joël Suhubiette



José de Cáseda y Villamayor (1660 - 1725), choirmaster at the Pamplona cathedral

Kyrie (in latin)


Melchor Robledo (1510-1586), choirmaster at the Saragossa Cathedral

Invitatorium defunctorum

Psalmus confitebor septimi toni

Domine Iesu Christe


Birjina gaztetto bat zegoen (Gabriel’s message)

Traditional song in Basque language


Claire-Mélanie Sinnhuber (1973)

Neguan, elurte batez (In winter, on a snowy day) - 2020

Based on a poem by Arnaut Oihenarte (1592-1667) (in Basque language)

Composition commission by Les Elements Chamber Choir


Guillaume Boni (around 1515-1594), choirmaster at the Saint-Etienne Cathedral in Toulouse

Adesto dolori meo (1573) (in Latin)


Pascal Caumont (1967- )

Montségur 1944 (2009)

Based on a text by René Nelli (1906-1982) (in Occitan)

For a cappella male voices


Llibre Vermell de Montserrat (1370)

O virgo spendens - 1370

Mariam Matrem - 1370 (en latin)


Joan Magrané Figuera (1988 - )

L’Encis - 2020

Based on the poem “Canigó » by Jacint Verdaguer (1845-1902) (in Catalan)

For 18 a cappella voices

Composition commission by Les Elements Chamber Choir


Joby Talbot (1971 - )

Roncesvalles (Extract from Path of Miracles) – 2005

Based on a text by Robert Dickinson (1962) (in Latin, ancient Greek, French and English)

For 17 soloist a cappella voices




This programme is coproduced by Les Elements, Le Parvis scène nationale Tables Pyrénées and the Abbaye-école de Sorèze, and supported by SACEM, SPEDIDAM and Musique Nouvelle en Liberté.


Next dates

23 July 2020 / 8H45 :