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In addition to their mission of creation and public reach, it is essential for les éléments and Joël Suhubiette to share their passion for early and contemporary vocal music.  This is materialized by the organization and animation of musical courses in schools, with children between 7 and 15 years old, within the Midi-Pyrénées region.

  • Eliette Parmentier et Marc Pontus, chanteurs des éléments, lors du parcours pédagogique au collège Foch à Arreau
  • Françoise Roudier présentant Daphnis&Chloé de Ravel
  • Françoise Roudier et Antonio Guirao, lors d'un parcours à l'école élémentaire de Moissac

Professional singers from our chamber choir work with children directly in their classrooms about how to effectively listen to and practice choir music. Depending on the number of school sessions, the following themes are discussed:

  • The voice: functioning, warm-up and performing
  • The choir: organization, direction, group performance and production
  • The repertoire: listening and identifying different artistic periods and movements
  • The composition of a short work to approach contemporary music
  • The rehearsal and concert: reception, observation of a working session, listening and discussing with artists

This sharing experience between children and our chamber choir around musical works results in a mutual enrichment and new discoveries for both sides. Indeed, our vision at les éléments is that the best way to foster cultural mediation is to combine raising of awareness with artistic practice.

“ The children were absolutely delighted by this enriching experience that brought a new vision, a new listening, on voice and singing.” [Read the whole article (in French)]

La Dépêche du Midi – July 13th 2012, about an educational program called “Polychoralité” carried out at the Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val School


“I was amazed by the interweaving of such wonderful voices, singing together using the same range, words, rhythms and tones.”

A student after participating in the program “La Générale Le Visage Le Coeur” with the composer Thierry Pécou at Odyssud (October 14th 2013)

  • Répétition des éléments avec les enfants, à Sorèze 2015
  • Répétition des éléments avec les enfants, à Sorèze 2015